20140217 : 2:29 PM

to you reading this;

i hope you had a wonderful week, because i know i had a fantastic one. here's to 2014!

20130908 : 11:41 AM

today, i smelled rain on the wind and i thought of home.

20130813 : 11:26 AM

had a short weekend getaway up in Sequoia and saw a bunch of stuff, including:

Magic Mountain (duh haha)
Lake Kaweah
endless stretches of freeway lined by orchards and golden fields
mmo-esque mountains and landscapes
amazing, amazing sequoias
cave equipped with natural AC
a bear!!
the Milky way
shooting stars

yes, it was a really great trip :]

20130726 : 3:51 PM

1. don't touch my food
2. don't touch my food without asking me i will be very very displeased with you

20130720 : 3:28 PM

the day before the three of us were down in San Diego for Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert, which happened to be right next door to where Comic-Con was taking place. so we were walking up and down the bay and geeking out over the Lego hobbit figures and Assassin's Creed ship promo for Black Flag when this random skater dude comes up from behind and stops us. and he says,

"you guys are beautiful."

honestly, that just made my day :D
maybe because i have never gotten anything like that, ever. i'm as average an Asian as they come hahaha.
i know that as Asians we have a narrower perspective of what we consider 'beautiful', but it was still a really sweet gesture from a stranger and a really nice compliment to receive.

20130628 : 2:27 AM

i woke up today thinking, 'i don't wanna have bread for breakfast' [spending 3 weeks in Germany where there's bread at almost every meal can do that to a person] and i walked out of my room to find that my housemates had made pancakes and bacon! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

oh, but what i would give to have some good ol' fish ball mee kia right now..

20130511 : 3:58 PM

falling and struggling are part of life.
i know that and i try not to have high hopes about things.
the higher they are, the worse i'd feel when they don't come to fruition.
i know that but there is inevitably disappointment when i don't get to that place.
it's good, because it makes me want to try harder.
my personal expectations increase.
screw you, lemons. i'm going to make lemonade.

the round one.

Just your average human specimen wanting to be something more. Also has an absurd fondness for potatoes and shoes, among other things.

what i want.
(these are clickable nudge nudge)

tv/HD screen for PS3
POP OP figures
sutadora figure
ps1 (not the console)
幸せ / きらめき / 自由

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